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Surging Stainless Prices

Stainless Chart April 2022 FNLHave you heard about the price of stainless? A year ago, I advised a customer, “Stainless is the new lumber.” At the time, the market for wood was sky high and headed north. People couldn’t build fast enough, couldn’t find material, couldn’t ship material, couldn’t harvest enough trees to keep us supplied with toilet paper, let alone pallets.

Since then, you have noticed the price of gas has gone up. And you may have heard that used trucks are demanding a premium.  And new trucks. And eggs. Milk. Homes. Taxes. Everything but wages.

Stainless steel will not be outdone. March saw a 90% spike in nickel price, with an April increase of an additional 25% on its heels. Nickel is the added element that makes steel stainless. So if you watch nickel prices, you’re watching the stainless price.

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"Making Kansas" Bus Tour Visits Topeka Manufacturer

Joe Pennington and Curtis Sneden outside the Making Kansas busThe Making Kansas Bus Tour made a stop in Topeka to hear about the state of the manufacturing industry. Curtis Sneden and Joe Pennington wowed the group of industry leaders and advocates from across the state. The monthlong event, sponsored by the Kansas Manufacturing Council, highlights the state’s manufacturing industry and career opportunities.

Mr. Sneden, president of the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, said “Although the capital city is correctly regarded as a government hub, the manufacturing sector is poised to take over as an economic engine.” He shared information showing 12,000 people in Shawnee County work in public administration, while 11,500 have jobs in manufacturing and distribution.

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Pretzel Makers Expanding in KC Area

Pretzels, Inc. haLady Eating Pretzel by Marina Diakova croppeds announced plans to construct a state-of-the-art production facility in Lawrence, Kansas. The new 150,000-square-foot facility will create a significant number of new jobs and increase the company's capacity across a range of products. It is expected to be operational in late 2021. 

Chris Gutierrez of the Kansas City Area Development Council touts the region to potential employers.  “We are marketing KC as the snack capitol of the world,” he said. “The area offers a multitude of advantages for manufacturers: Proximity of raw materials, distribution efficiency, and a heartland work ethic.”

Pretzels, Inc. joins powerhouses PepsiCo and Dot’s Pretzels in the KC area.

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 Pennington Joins Kansas Manufacturing Council

Joe P Tours at Downtown Hays with Dustin Roths, Craig Lofton, Sara BloomThe Kansas Manufacturing Council has added a new face and some stimulating events in its mission to create a stronger and more prosperous manufacturing sector. 

Joe Pennington, president of Stevenson Company in Topeka, recently joined the Board of Advisors. “The Kansas Manufacturing Council is providing support, knowledge, and resources for the manufacturing industry. The voices of innovation and jobs creation should be heard and disseminated. I’m excited to listen, learn, and advocate where I can,” said Pennington.

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Jason Huston Named Project Manager for Growing Clientele

Stevenson CompaJason Huston 2021 Portraitny, Inc. is pleased to announce that Jason Huston has been promoted to Project Manager to the delight of an expanding clientele.

“Jason stood out among the candidates due to his experience, his reputation as a man of integrity, and his demonstrated ability to connect with customers,” Stevenson president Joe Pennington said. “I am especially impressed with Jason’s vision for the success of our food manufacturing partners. Jason understands the critical issues of food safety, allocation of resources, and minimizing downtime inside plants. He is well-equipped to help customers increase consumer confidence and grow profitability.”

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Open By Appointment Only

Open By Appointment OnlyOur customer service counter is open by appointment only. We are reducing person-to-person contact to ensure continued healthy services inside food plants. We lack waiting areas or adequate meeting space for distancing, so we ask that you place inquiries via telephone and orders via email. Until there is zero percent chance of disease transmission, walk-in access is suspended. Delivery and pick-up drivers are encouraged to schedule these events in advance. 

Preventing Food Safety Issues in Manufacturing

mirror spiralOne of the most common causes of food safety problems is the sanitary design of manufacturing equipment, or the lack thereof. Food manufacturers can save significant money if they invest right the first time in sanitary equipment. A Stevenson Spiral Chute is especially catered to these concerns. Ways that the Stevenson Spirals help maintain food sanitation are:

No nooks, cracks and crevices – a spiral has one fluid design that minimizes hard to clean cracks and crevices that can harbor bacteria

Equipment feet – equipment should be designed with the minimum required number of legs to reduce harborage possibilities. Stevenson spirals stand on one solid stainless steel mount

Flat surfaces – plants should minimize flat surfaces, especially in wash-down areas where microorganisms are easily transferred by water. All angles on the equipment must be curved or rounded. The Stevenson Spiral is built curvier than a Dr. Birx chart.

Equipment finishes – Stainless steel surfaces accommodate effective cleaning and eliminate any chance of bacterial survival.

Stainless Steel Soap

steel soapPeople are focusing on hygiene more than ever. Cleaning products are flying off the shelves, particularly soap. Did you know that there is such a thing as stainless steel soap?

Stainless steel is known for being a sanitary solution, which is why it’s used in hospitals, food plants and other environments where sanitation is of the utmost importance. So why not turn it into soap? Now, I don’t mean soap in the regular sense like the kind you use to wash your hands after going to the loo. Stainless steel soap is basically a piece of stainless steel formed into the shape of a soap bar.

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Stevenson Company Delivers Essential Products, Services, and Personnel During Pandemic

conveyor maintenance thumbnail

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has deemed food processors part of the critical infrastructure required to continue operations during this national emergency. The officials specifically name “food manufacturers and their supplier employees” as essential. As a result, Stevenson business operations remain open to continue to provide products and services to its customers during this challenging time.

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How to Support Employees in the Reserve and National Guard

Tegan RobinsonThe National Guard has been activated to help combat the coronavirus. They will build hospitals, deliver medical supplies, and augment local agencies during this national emergency. We have a favorite warrior here at Stevenson Company, and asked the Kansas Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves how we could express our encouragement during possible deployment. Here are some ideas brought up by civilian employers, coworkers, and guard members themselves.

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