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Stevenson Company Wins Innovation Award

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Stevenson's signature spiral chutes have reached their newest level of recognition. This week, Stevenson Company was awarded the 2019 Innovation Award. This distinction, bestowed during the Small Business Awards ceremony in Topeka, recognized Stevenson's spiral chute as an outstanding innovation that contributed to the business community. The spiral was deemed to have a significant positive impact on the food processing industry.

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Spiral Chutes Shrink Your Footprint

Spiral Chute with Covers Prevent Allergen ContaminationSince its inception, the Spiral Chute has been a solution that customers were looking for. Our products are completely “green” in the environmental sense, starting with stainless steel that is sixty percent recycled content. Spiral Chutes have no moving parts, require zero lubrication, and are wholly recyclable. The real environmental impact is that they reduce thousands of pounds of waste by preserving product integrity and therefore avoiding landfill use.

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Finalist for Small Business Award - Stevenson's History of Innovation

Old ShopStevenson Company is a finalist for a Small Business Award, recognizing a solid history of creating innovative products. Russell Stevenson bought a small tin shop in 1952 and advertised in the local business directory: "Sheet Metal Work of All Kinds." The business was located in a former stable. Though our facilities have been updated tremendously since then, we have remained at the same location. We have expanded to a total of 15,500 square feet and armed ourselves with state-of-the-art metalworking equipment.

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Digitizing Technology for Custom Parts


Stevenson Company’s new MultiCam CNC router fuels additional food-safe manufacturing abilities for customers. The combination of a CNC router for plastics and a plasma cutter that can blast through stainless steel offer fast, precise solutions for customers.

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Pennington certified with Preventive Controls Qualified Individual credentials

CaptureJoe Pennington, president of Stevenson Company Inc., has been certified with Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Training to help customers train and comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirement. The training was provided by Fadi Aramouni at the Food Science Institute.

The Food Safety Modernization Act is the most extensive reform of food safety laws in the United States in more than 70 years. With the proactive goal to prevent food contamination, one key change included in the reform that applies to the majority of food processors is the need to have a food safety plan prepared and implemented by a PCQI.

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Inventor's Day

the old timers with Spiral ChuteWhat would life be like without electric heat and air conditioning? It’s the 21st century and things like refrigerators and telephones are considered basic everyday essentials. But once upon a time, these items didn’t exist. There was some crazy man who thought to himself, “Huh, what if I could make something that could let me talk to another person through cords?” What a lunatic.

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed February 11, 1983 as the first National Inventors’ Day in the United States in recognition of the enormous contribution inventors make to the nation and the world. Reagan chose February 11th to honor the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison. Throughout his life, Thomas Edison established 1,093 patents in the United States alone.

In 1990, America’s favorite snack maker was committed to improving the chipping experience for all its customers. They put a dedicated team together to find the causes of and solution to an epidemic of broken chips. The team at Stevenson Company, who was already in a business relationship with said chip company, had a voila moment. Using the idea of a grain silo, they thought “Why can’t this be applied for potato chips?” Thus, came the first Stevenson spiral for fragile food products. That spiral was installed, to great fanfare, with a breakage percentage of less than 2%.

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Since the implementation of the first spiral chute, Stevenson Company has made thousands of spirals for plants across the nation. They have evolved into different sizes, configurations and finishes. But every spiral still has the same thing in common: pristine quality.

Happy Inventors’ Day to all you innovative spirits out there.


Safety is our middle name

Our crew is the safest around. This month we celebrate another year without incident or injury. Much of the success is thanks to the partnerships with our suppliers, consultants and customers. The biggest factor in safety, of course, is our stellar staff.

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Stevenson Spirals Reduce Product Breakage

According to Fadi Aramouni, Professor of Food Science, you can significantly reduce loss inside your facility. Dr. Aramouni, along with McKenna Mills, food lab manager at Kansas State University, determined that the use of a Stevenson Spiral Chute can lower rates of breakage, rework, and waste.

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Food Safety Engineered


Food safety is the number one priority for food manufacturers. Stevenson Company, Inc. helps by engineering solutions that reduce breakage in fragile products and ensure a safe environment for production.

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