Joe Pennington, President/CEO of Stevenson Company, showing one of their stainless steel spiral chutesJoe Pennington, president of Stevenson Company, Inc., with custom stainless steel spiral chute.

Stevenson Company, Inc. specializes in stainless steel spiral chutes for industrial settings. These easy let down chutes work exceptionally well in the food manufacturing industry. The benefits of our custom-made spiral chutes are:

  • Stainless steel, all-welded construction
  • Sanitary, easy to clean design
  • Gently and quickly move product
  • Drastically reduce product breakage
  • Efficient use of space
  • No maintenance required
  • Long-term cost savings

Stevenson spiral chutes are all customized and fitted precisely to each unique environment. Stevenson’s skilled craftsmen can work on customer sites as well as ship to any location worldwide. Our team collaborates with each customer on design, fabrication, and/or implementation. Stevenson spiral chutes are used by global and niche brands. Applications for spiral chutes include:

  • Snacks, cookies and crackers
  • Candy, chocolates and other treats
  • Frozen prepared foods
  • Pasta, cereals and grains
  • Pet food and treats,
  • Bottles, pills and packaging
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Coffee beans

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“When we installed our first spiral chute, it worked so well and reduced breakage so much that the product was over filling the bags they had been using. Less breakage means less waste and a healthier bottom line.” 

—Joe Pennington, president of Stevenson Company, Inc.