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spiralStevenson Company, Inc. is a metal contractor that specializes in stainless steel spiral chutes for industrial settings. Spiral chutes surpass other letdown methods: stainless steel, all-welded construction, sanitary, easy to clean design, gently and quickly move product, reduce product breakage, efficient use of space, no maintenance required on spiral chutes, long term cost savings.

We help with your storage bins, hoppers, cyclones, platforms, ladders, stairs, lids, tanks, brackets, or any sheet metal fabrication you need.

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Tackling the Predicament of Breakage Within Food Plants

thumb Inside Potato Chip Factory AI Created and Licensed by RF123Food breakage inside production facilities is a widespread issue that poses significant challenges to the food industry. This problem pertains to the unintentional damage or breakage of food products during various stages of processing, handling, and packaging. The repercussions of such breakage are diverse and can result in economic losses, wastage, compromised product quality, safety concerns, and environmental impacts. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive understanding of the causes and effective strategies to mitigate food breakage.

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