We’ve invented a new Spiral Twist to better serve customers in the food and beverage industries. With this new technology, we’re delighted to offer more ways to help customers who manufacture fragile or difficult-to-handle packaged goods. 

The brackets on our Spiral Twist are designed to guide bottles, tubs and trays of various sizes and shapes. Handling is gentle, uniform, and sanitary.  

Need to flip your product upside down for expiration date or label printing? We have also perfected product rotation and movement by guiding the packages with our specialized wire tracks. 

In the past, we’ve worked with customers, helping them handle bulk ingredients and finished products before packaging. Now we can work with packaged products of various shapes and sizes using Spiral Twists. At Stevenson Company Inc., we never stop innovating and striving to serve our customers better.

Contact Steve to inquire about your next packaged-product handling solution! 

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