Meet Max Hamilton. He has been with Stevenson Company Inc. since graduating from high school in 1974. Other than working as a boilermaker welder at another company for over three years, he has been at Stevenson Company Inc. for his entire career. We have been very fortunate to have him as a part of our team. 

Fabricating spirals and installing them for food manufacturers all over the United States have been the highlights of Hamilton’s career. Over his 43 years of experience, he has gotten to work on special projects and deliver value to Stevenson’s national customers. 

One of his most memorable and unique projects was installing a stainless steel pass-through fireplace for Scott Pollard, who played basketball for Kansas University Jayhawks and went on to play in the NBA. Getting to meet Pollard has always been a prized memory for Hamilton during his career. 

“Having the opportunity to fabricate the many unique things that we have made was enjoyable since many sheet metal workers don’t get the opportunity to do what we do,” says Hamilton.

Hamilton specializes in tungsten inert gas welding, stick welding and layout work. His experience within the company has led him to teaching new employees how to weld and fabricate our products, too. 

“The work environment at Stevenson has been very good over the years. I’ve enjoyed learning from the older guys when I first started, and now I’m passing that knowledge on to the younger guys,” says Hamilton. His hope for the next generation of Stevenson employees is “to continue the superior craftsmanship that makes this company what it is.”

Hamilton has a daughter and two sons, as well as five grandchildren. His wife and family enjoy camping, traveling and riding motorcycles together. He plans to retire from Stevenson Company Inc. this July and continue to spend even more time outdoors with his family.

Hamilton has left a positive mark on our company through his hard work, dedication and craftsmanship. He sets a positive example for other employees to follow and has been an important asset to our team. Congratulations to Max Hamilton on his successful career and well-deserved retirement.

Max and Jason tweaking candy counterTegan and Max

Max and SpiralMax on Forklift in 1998