Fog shows air movement inside tankWhen you partner with Stevenson Company, you have hired a safe and capable crew. We are often called upon to perform maintenance: The most dangerous jobs inside food plants. Wonka machines can be fascinating….until you’re inside one. Recognizing that, our company is committed to safety awareness and education.

Today the crew learned about improved standards for confined space entry and reviewed practices of local plants. We were happy to host other contractors, too, and share safe practices with them.  Craig Stromgren of Safety Consultants and Steve Ratliff of Holmes Murphy teamed up to provide classroom instruction to thirty attendees.  After in-depth classroom session, participants demonstrated their command of equipment and procedures.Adam

SMACNA loaned us their confined space simulator. It replicates field conditions like platforms, handrails, and an empty bin. Since there is no substitute for hands-on experience, our teams suited up in their harnesses, secured their lanyards, tested their instrumentation and braved the dunk tank. There was even a fog machine so divers could see how air moves inside. 

In addtion to occasional seminars like this one, we have regular companywide meetings to promote safety, including:

  • Weekly toolbox talks about shop and jobsite specific issues
  • Monthly in-depth classroom training 
  • Proficiency testing in each category

Stevenson Company is rated-A with ISNetworld for added assurance and verification of our programs.

Any time you need maintenance in your plant, call on the dedicated craftsmen at Stevenson Company Inc. We’ll come to the rescue!

Tegan and Max gear up for demonstration