Stevenson Company, Inc. specializes in sanitary stainless steel spiral letdown chutes for industrial settings.

Spirals (vertical gravity conveyors) surpass other letdown methods:

  • gently and quickly move products
  • reduce product breakage
  • efficiently use space
  • no maintenance required on chutes
  • long-term cost savings 

Stevenson spirals can be customized and fitted precisely, even to unique environments where off-the-shelf solutions are not viable. Stevenson's skilled craftsmen can work on customer sites as well as ship worldwide to any location. Our team can work independently or in seamless coordination with yours, providing: 

  • equipment design
  • fabrication
  • installation of industrial equipment
  • site visit to ensure proper fit
1. Standard Finish

Spiral with Cookies

Standard finish is the tried-and-true food contact surface. The sanitary stainless steel is polished to a fine finish to gently let down your fragile food product. Perfect for nuts, snack chips, and candy. 

2. Disco™ Finish

Mirror Finish final

For sticky situations, you'll want our Disco™ finish. If you have extra sugary treats to convey—for example sweet heat or sugary cereal—then you'll want this treatment, providing much less friction. This mirror finish will make you look good.

 3. Goosebumps™ Finish


Frozen foods can stick to flat metal like Ralphie's tongue on a flagpole. Use our Goosebumps™ finish that creates an effective conveyance surface for frozen vegetables or proteins. Your product will glide smoothly, riding on the raised knuckles of the dimpled stainless steel. 

4. Spiral Twist™ 

spiral twist

Our newest offering is the Spiral Twist™, made of sanitary stainless steel rod, adapted perfectly to your packaged goods. Tubs, trays, cans or jars smoothly slide along, eliminating damage in a tiny footprint. 


Quality, craftsmanship and innovation are our hallmarks. If you've got a challenge, we're here to solve breakage issues. Call us for more details at (785) 233-3227.