Spiral Chute with Covers Prevent Allergen ContaminationSince its inception, the Spiral Chute has been a solution that customers were looking for. Our products are completely “green” in the environmental sense, starting with stainless steel that is sixty percent recycled content. Spiral Chutes have no moving parts, require zero lubrication, and are wholly recyclable. The real environmental impact is that they reduce thousands of pounds of waste by preserving product integrity and therefore avoiding landfill use.

Our team continues to push for improvements in an ever-changing market. The recent Food Modernization Act requires more use of sanitary materials. Our base product has always been sanitary stainless steel and will continue to be. We have added new production methods to provide:

  • Cleanable plastic products, with low viscosity food contact surfaces.
  • Rubber coating on certain products to reduce noise inside production environments.
  • Open wire chutes for packaged goods
  • Chute covers to prevent cross-contamination of allergens
  • Polished chutes to convey new product, as the industry moves to stickier ingredients.
  • Surface contact reduction for frozen foods

Staff is trained on the health standards of various production plants, and we live to the highest standards of each. After all, our families are eating off the product we provide.

Spiral Twist