mirror spiralOne of the most common causes of food safety problems is the sanitary design of manufacturing equipment, or the lack thereof. Food manufacturers can save significant money if they invest right the first time in sanitary equipment. A Stevenson Spiral Chute is especially catered to these concerns. Ways that the Stevenson Spirals help maintain food sanitation are:

No nooks, cracks and crevices – a spiral has one fluid design that minimizes hard to clean cracks and crevices that can harbor bacteria

Equipment feet – equipment should be designed with the minimum required number of legs to reduce harborage possibilities. Stevenson spirals stand on one solid stainless steel mount

Flat surfaces – plants should minimize flat surfaces, especially in wash-down areas where microorganisms are easily transferred by water. All angles on the equipment must be curved or rounded. The Stevenson Spiral is built curvier than a Dr. Birx chart.

Equipment finishes – Stainless steel surfaces accommodate effective cleaning and eliminate any chance of bacterial survival.