Stevenson CompaJason Huston 2021 Portraitny, Inc. is pleased to announce that Jason Huston has been promoted to Project Manager to the delight of an expanding clientele.

“Jason stood out among the candidates due to his experience, his reputation as a man of integrity, and his demonstrated ability to connect with customers,” Stevenson president Joe Pennington said. “I am especially impressed with Jason’s vision for the success of our food manufacturing partners. Jason understands the critical issues of food safety, allocation of resources, and minimizing downtime inside plants. He is well-equipped to help customers increase consumer confidence and grow profitability.”

"Jason has always kept our product, personnel and equipment safety as his absolute primary concern in all his work. I always expect perfection from Stevenson Company and Jason consistently delivers on this expectation in his work and communication." --Manufacturing Specialist, International Confectionary Company.

In his new role, Jason brings a decade of hands-on experience directly to food manufacturers. He lives in Kansas City with his wife, Becky. Together they enjoy traveling and motorcycle riding (one more than the other).

About Stevenson

Stevenson Company, Inc. is a stainless steel expert with a specialty focus on spiral chutes and other key components for manufacturers of food products. Stevenson also provides industrial plant maintenance and support for manufacturing companies across the United States.

Since 1948, Stevenson has built a reputation for fabrication and installation of custom products to solve difficult manufacturing structural problems. Innovation, craftsmanship and quality are its hallmarks.