Food safety is the number one priority for food manufacturers. Stevenson Company, Inc. helps by engineering solutions that reduce breakage in fragile products and ensure a safe environment for production.

Stevenson keeps specific welding methods, design considerations and other factors in mind while servicing food and beverage plants to improve food safety.

When building new facilities or installing new lines, many food manufacturers struggle with increasingly fast-paced project schedules. This can affect priorities related to sanitary design. Stevenson Company helps food processors move forward with ease by allowing them to “engineer out the problem” to our crew. Stevenson does things right the first time—rather than waiting to correct issues discovered after installation.

Key areas that should be addressed for safety include:

Welding methods – Using inappropriate welding methods can impact food safety. For example, certain welding methods are not permitted that can lead to niche areas where debris can become trapped.

Equipment feet – Equipment should be designed with the minimum required number of legs to reduce harborage possibilities.

Nooks, cracks and crevices – It’s important to control potential harborage areas where undesirable microorganisms may cultivate.

Flat surfaces – Plants should minimize flat surfaces to reduce bacteria. All angles on the equipment should be curved or rounded. This is especially important in wash-down areas where microorganisms are easily transferred by water.

Off-the-shelf equipment – Eliminate unwanted mounting holes in custom equipment.

Equipment finishes – Select the correct finish on stainless steel for food contact surfaces versus non-food contact surfaces to effectively clean and eliminate any chance of bacterial survival.
The Stevenson team has food safety expertise in working with stainless steel. Whether we’re engineering a custom spiral to gently move food product from one level to another or building stairs for the employees who help run the plant, safety is considered first.

If you would like a food manufacturing safety audit, please contact Joe at (785) 233-3227 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We can help plan and execute your projects to maximize your facility’s performance in a safe and efficient manner. We’ll bring your project across the finish line!

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