Stevenson Company, Inc., is your partner for custom machine parts. We ease the process of sourcing parts and minimize costly downtime by coverting metal parts to plastic with our CNC technology.

We Recommend Converting Metal Parts to Plastic
UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) plastic is an innovative solution for machine part needs. Did you know that converting metal parts to plastic will save you time, money and hassle? Forget waiting for your original equipment manufacturer to send you a machine part overseas, we'll ship it to you the next day!

Thanks to its extremely low coefficient of friction, UHMW plastic easily outperforms steel in sliding applications. Its inherent lubricity minimizes the heat-generating friction, which gradually destroys steel parts. Low friction and wear resistance are key reasons why UHMW is the material of choice in so many industrial applications. It improves the efficiency and performance of handling systems.

What Makes UHMW Plastic Such a Distinctive and Useful Material?
It's the combination of its excellent properties—outstanding abrasion resistance, impact resistance, non-sticking and self-lubricating properties and excellent mechanical properties. The material itself helps eliminate problems like noise, wear of mating parts and stretched chains that can cause costly downtime. 

Its high molecular weight also enhances a number of other important physical properties: chemical resistance, sound dampening characteristics, electrical insulating properties and it doesn’t absorb moisture. UHMW will not encourage growth of bacteria or fungus, and it meets FDA requirements for direct food contact. It also meets USDA requirements in specific applications. UHMW is safe and strong. 

We Make UHMW Machine Parts...Fast!
Our precise CNC router will cut, carve, machine and mill UHMW plastic up to six inches thick to create a variety of high quality parts. It uses tight tolerances to create superior surface and edge quality, making it easier to procure mating parts and convert metal parts to plastic. 

We custom fabricate UHMW parts to fit your application. The properties of UHMW plastic, in combination with ease of our CNC machining, make UHMW a cost-effective solution for any industry. It's used extensively in the food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Major application areas of UHMW include:

  • food processing
  • package handling 
  • conveyor wear plates 
  • rider plates for assembly lines
  • idler rollers and guide rails for conveyors 
  • bottling and canning
  • machine guards and covers 
  • belt scrapers and more

These are just a few of the ways UHMW has been used over the years, with proven long-term results. We are able to create a huge variety of parts at a very competitive price. 

Call Joe today to discuss your needs for customized parts and learn more! 785-233-3227. 

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