Our crew is the safest around. This month we celebrate another year without incident or injury. Much of the success is thanks to the partnerships with our suppliers, consultants and customers. The biggest factor in safety, of course, is our stellar staff.

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In the past twelve months, we've:

  • partnered with presenters from three food manufacturers specific to sanitation, food safety and human health.
  • hosted the Department of Homeland Security to gain information about workplace safety issues.
  • had monthly intense training sessions by Safety Consultants, Inc. in Topeka, Kansas where we delve deep into the best practices.

"The experts at Safety Consultants keep us abreast of the newest technological advances as well as time-tested safe methods of manufacturers and installation," says Joe Pennington, President of Stevenson Company.

"Suppliers share their expertise, and we embrace their individual proficiency testing. For example, our powered lift provider has certified all Stevenson employees in proper operation."

The State of Kansas is scheduled to ensure a stable work environment.    

We wow the insurance company with our super low mod rates—calculated using severity and frequency—always below one and consistently improving. We are happy to provide specifics to your company upon request.

“Our crew has a vested interest in safety, and they get it. Personal preservation is a motivating factor, but it goes way beyond that,” says Joe. “They hold so much responsibility in their hands—their families, customer reputation, consumer health, our business—and they have a real grip on the importance of our actions. I applaud their safe habits."

Apprentices gain their OSHA 30 certificates before starting at Stevenson Company. Then, the Smart Union engages the workforce in continuing education, including subjects like confined space entry and hexavalent chromium awareness.

Our robust safety program is scrutinized by a third party, ISNetworld. Contractors and customers can look up our grades at ISNetworld.com. Spoiler alert: We are always top of class.

The shining stars of the partnership are workers themselves. Our entire staff gathers weekly to discuss focused issues, like proper use of gloves, hearing protection, fall avoidance, vision preservation, machine guarding, vehicle operation and much more. Obviously, everyone on duty is dedicated. They show their smarts through thousands of hours of accident-free production.

If safety is important to you, you'll want Stevenson Company on your next project.

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