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What I Owe Gene Wilder

wonkaWilly Wonka's "pure imagination" inspires me to make the most of my time inside food plants and here at the tinker shop.

Willy Wonka first struck me as darkly mysterious, the way Roald Dahl originally intended. My wife, on the other hand, considered the candy maker a quirky inventor. Left to my own preferences, I never would have allowed my children to be exposed to the harsh vetting process he required of his would-be successors: shot like a torpedo through a tube; injestion of a strange allergen that left its victim bloated and blue; or floating into a trap that sucked people into whirling blades.

Our kids wouldn't be deprived of the Wonka magic, though. My outlook began to sweeten during the reintroduction. By then our children had the Gene Wilder version permanently installed in the video player, stuck like Augustus Gloop in a pneumatic tube.

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Spiral Chutes Are Safe Way to Handle Food Product


Wrigley Spiral with CoverAre Spiral Chutes a safe way to convey food? Consumers rightly demand that what we eat is handled safely. The short and definite answer is yes, a Spiral Chute -- as designed and manufactured by Stevenson Company -- is an ideal method to safely move product.

Standards change for the better, and Stevenson Company is leading the way with cleanable, food-safe materials and workmanship. Spiral Chutes are compliant with regulations set forth by the United States government. Specifically, the Food and Drug Administration has detailed codes to ensure sanitary practices, the latest being the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The full text is available online, but to simplify we narrowed down the sections relevant to Spiral Chutes; below we address how FDA standards are met:

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Report Card: Putting the A's in Safety.

logo-member-contractorWe received our report card!  A food manufacturer invited us to join ISNetworld® to assure we meet high standards.  Stevenson Company was scrutinized for several weeks as the third-party auditor reviewed and verified our programs and procedures. Today they sent our progress: 
Straight A's.
Stevenson Company mechanics are now approved for work in thirty-three North American plants.

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Stevenson Company hosts Confined Space Entry Training

Fog shows air movement inside tankWhen you partner with Stevenson Company, you have hired a safe and capable crew. We are often called upon to perform maintenance: The most dangerous jobs inside food plants. Wonka machines can be fascinating….until you’re inside one. Recognizing that, our company is committed to safety awareness and education.

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George Hart installs sculpture at Bartlett and West park

Downtown Installation with Brendan and StephenBartlett and West commissioned artist George Hart to design a sculpture for their downtown park. We at Stevenson Company were tickled to get to work with such a creative team. We have been working with the engineers and mathematician since September. The project culminated in the final installation late last week.  

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Stevenson Company Celebrates Veterans Day With Tegan Robinson

Tegan and Joe P on Veterans DayJoe Pennington & Sgt. Tegan RobinsonStevenson Company is honored to support our veterans. We are fortunate to be associated with Sergeant Tegan Robinson. Sgt Robinson began his career at Stevenson Company in 2008. His skills, dedication, and sparkling personality quickly earned him a place in the apprenticeship program.  

The following year he enlisted with the National Guard. Training was suspended while Sgt Robinson was deployed overseas for several months. Managers, supervisors, coworkers gratefully covered for him while he protected our freedoms. We appreciate the values, leadership, and unique skills that he brought upon his return. Sgt Robinson recently signed on for another six years in the military, and we couldn’t be more proud. We continue to support our country’s Service members and their families in peace, in crisis, and in war. Thank you to Sgt Tegan Robinson and all the veterans of this great country.

Thanks for a Great Open House!

OpenHouse1Stevenson Company recently held an open house for our customers and friends.  Joe was master of the grill and the rest of the team helped with everything else.  We were excited to see everyone come out to enjoy some great food and great company.  

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CBS affiliate features Stevenson Company, Inc.

Joe_Pennington_loading_hand_brake_at_Stevesnson_Company_Inc.Small Business Week winds down with a news feature by the local CBS affiliate. The past few days have been a pleasant blur of meeting new people and old friends.  We are a finalist for the Capital City Business of Distinction Award, with winner to be announced next week....Stay tuned.

If you have about three minutes, check out this link to the story with video.

Stevenson Spiral Chutes Eliminate Broken Bones (and Other Pet Treats)

Petfood Forum 2015Delivering whole, complete product is more important than meets the eye. The size and shape of kibble is designed purposefully, to maximize palatability, proper digestion, and tartar control. WebMD reports that 50% larger kibble reduces plaque by 42%. Stevenson Company, a trusted partner in the food industry, manufactures a Spiral Chute that delivers kibble in pristine condition, to be used as it was intended and tested.

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