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Stevenson Craftsman Retires after 43 Years

Meet Max Hamilton. He has been with Stevenson Company Inc. since graduating from high school in 1974. Other than working as a boilermaker welder at another company for over three years, he has been at Stevenson Company Inc. for his entire career. We have been very fortunate to have him as a part of our team. 

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CNC Machine Coming Soon

We are expanding! A new building is under construction to house our new addition of a CNC (computer numeric control) machine. Customers will benefit from this expansion, especially those in food and beverage industries.

The Apex Router will cut, carve, machine and mill plastics and metals. CNC machines can create a variety of customized high quality parts at a very competitive price. Our professionals are trained to use various materials, including ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene. 

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"Men of Metal" art show

thumb Joe P with toothpick at art receptionYou probably know me as president of Stevenson Company. What you may not know is that I paint on scraps of steel. “Men of Metal” is my first art exhibit and I was delighted so many of you could be among the first to see it at the VIP reception.

On the first Friday of each month Haven Arts, a local gallery, throws open its doors to the public. This weekend happened to debut my homage to the people who work at Stevenson Company. Each piece showcases a craftsman in the sheet metal trade. Silhouettes were laid out and cut using a plasma torch, then detailed using oil paint.

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Tinker Day Fun

DSC 1666Stevenson Company recently invited friends to join us for our first Tinker Day in the shop. On the lunch menu, were cinnamon rolls and Lorrie's homemade chili. After a fantastic lunch, guests were invited to participate in a hands-on metal working experience.


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5 Interesting Facts About Steel Production - from Fabtech 2016

Liquid Steel from Ladle1. New steel is made from dirt. Magnets pluck iron ore from the displaced earth. The resulting rocks are blasted for sixteen hours at temperatures of about 2700 degrees. Then the molten slop is poured into plates about 9 inches thick.

2. All steel alloys come from the same batter. Stainless steel is made by adding nickel and chromium to the mixture. Galvanized is made by ladling zinc onto the surface.

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What I Owe Gene Wilder

wonkaWilly Wonka's "pure imagination" inspires me to make the most of my time inside food plants and here at the tinker shop.

Willy Wonka first struck me as darkly mysterious, the way Roald Dahl originally intended. My wife, on the other hand, considered the candy maker a quirky inventor. Left to my own preferences, I never would have allowed my children to be exposed to the harsh vetting process he required of his would-be successors: shot like a torpedo through a tube; injestion of a strange allergen that left its victim bloated and blue; or floating into a trap that sucked people into whirling blades.

Our kids wouldn't be deprived of the Wonka magic, though. My outlook began to sweeten during the reintroduction. By then our children had the Gene Wilder version permanently installed in the video player, stuck like Augustus Gloop in a pneumatic tube.

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Spiral Chutes Are Safe Way to Handle Food Product


Wrigley Spiral with CoverAre Spiral Chutes a safe way to convey food? Consumers rightly demand that what we eat is handled safely. The short and definite answer is yes, a Spiral Chute -- as designed and manufactured by Stevenson Company -- is an ideal method to safely move product.

Standards change for the better, and Stevenson Company is leading the way with cleanable, food-safe materials and workmanship. Spiral Chutes are compliant with regulations set forth by the United States government. Specifically, the Food and Drug Administration has detailed codes to ensure sanitary practices, the latest being the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The full text is available online, but to simplify we narrowed down the sections relevant to Spiral Chutes; below we address how FDA standards are met:

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