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Report Card: Putting the A's in Safety.

logo-member-contractorWe received our report card!  A food manufacturer invited us to join ISNetworld® to assure we meet high standards.  Stevenson Company was scrutinized for several weeks as the third-party auditor reviewed and verified our programs and procedures. Today they sent our progress: 
Straight A's.
Stevenson Company mechanics are now approved for work in thirty-three North American plants.

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Stevenson Company hosts Confined Space Entry Training

Fog shows air movement inside tankWhen you partner with Stevenson Company, you have hired a safe and capable crew. We are often called upon to perform maintenance: The most dangerous jobs inside food plants. Wonka machines can be fascinating….until you’re inside one. Recognizing that, our company is committed to safety awareness and education.

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Stevenson Company, Inc. Finalist for Small Business of the Year award.


Topeka,Topeka-GTCGoT Kansas (April 16, 2014) – Stevenson Company, Inc. has been named as a finalist in the Small Business of the year awards.  The Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce and Go Topeka will announce the winners next month. “It is a great honor to be supported by the community and our loyal customers. We love collaborating with partners to innovate new solutions. Topeka is a great place to do business.” said Stevenson Company, Inc. president, Joseph Pennington.

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Tanks For Your Business

Stainless Steel Tank 001Check out this Hot Tub Time Machine. Okay maybe not exactly, but it holds water for sure, and fabricated from quarter-inch thick stainless steel, it will definitely make it far into the future.




Ariba Links Together the Supply Chain

Ariba Badge 180x55

We are all about responding to our customers.  When one of them said, "It sure would be nice if you were on the Ariba network," we got signed up right away. Some businesses are using Ariba exclusively for their supply chain.  If you are one of them, you can see our Supplier Profile here.  It's been a real pleasure to do business with Buyers like you. The supply chain is well-lubed, information is precise, you are assured you are dealing with a reputable company in Stevenson, and the whole transaction process is quicker.  Try us, you'll like us.

Thanks for a Great Open House!

OpenHouse1Stevenson Company recently held an open house for our customers and friends.  Joe was master of the grill and the rest of the team helped with everything else.  We were excited to see everyone come out to enjoy some great food and great company.  

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Popcorn market is popping!

spiral chuteAmericans are changing their diets and the snack industry is poised to serve. Popcorn is becoming increasingly more popular; our industry is going to facilitate a change in the country's palate.

We welcome popcorn, re-imagined as a healthy vehicle of gourmet flavors: sea salt, ginger sesame, lime, and even maple bacon. Innovation has propelled popcorn to the fastest growing sector in the snack market.

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Stevenson Spiral Chutes Eliminate Broken Bones (and Other Pet Treats)

Petfood Forum 2015Delivering whole, complete product is more important than meets the eye. The size and shape of kibble is designed purposefully, to maximize palatability, proper digestion, and tartar control. WebMD reports that 50% larger kibble reduces plaque by 42%. Stevenson Company, a trusted partner in the food industry, manufactures a Spiral Chute that delivers kibble in pristine condition, to be used as it was intended and tested.

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Using Tungsten OB10? Send us your order.


Stevenson Company has enrolled in the Tungsten payment process.  This new, superfast system allows us to process orders and get work done quickly.  Last night, for example, we were able to help a Pet Food plant find and purchase the replacement parts they needed to get up and running.  We got the materials on the way, received them in the wee hours today, delivered by morning, and installed by noon.  This fast pace was possible because of a a team of conscientious mechanics who are willing to see the project through, and also because Tungsten lubricated the process.

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