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Petfood Forum 2015Delivering whole, complete product is more important than meets the eye. The size and shape of kibble is designed purposefully, to maximize palatability, proper digestion, and tartar control. WebMD reports that 50% larger kibble reduces plaque by 42%. Stevenson Company, a trusted partner in the food industry, manufactures a Spiral Chute that delivers kibble in pristine condition, to be used as it was intended and tested.

The Veterinary Oral Health Council urges owners to use treats appropriate to the size of their dog.   “Chews work best when the dog obtains at least a couple of minutes of chewing time when given the chew.” Humans who break treats in half – and you know who you are - are defeating the purpose of a dental treatment.

Spiral with Cookies Small

American Veterinary Dental College reports that “dental diets” have been shown to be of benefit in decreasing dental disease.  “Some employ a specific kibble design and others include a chemical ingredient.”  

no broken bones

Furthermore, shape affects palatability among petfood. Kristopher Figge, senior scientist at AFB International, the palatability research firm, found that all dogs regardless of size prefer larger kibble. Felines develop a preference for specific shape, for example, stars, exes, or fish shapes. "For pet's sake," says Stevenson Company president, Joseph Pennington, "let's keep it together."

Stevenson Spirals convey products that are not only visually appealing, but also keep pets healthy. Spiral chutes are used extensively by engineers who want to increase shelf appeal and decrease waste in the food industry. Typically, Spiral Chutes are installed inside bins and hoppers, or found in the transition between conveyor and weigher. Joe says, "All our Spiral Chutes are welded continuously, fabricated from sanitary stainless steel, and tested with their particular product to ensure perfect flow before they leave our shop." He will be on hand at Petfood Forum 2015 in Kansas City. 

For more information or demonstration, call Joe at (785) 233-3227.


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