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spiral chuteAmericans are changing their diets and the snack industry is poised to serve. Popcorn is becoming increasingly more popular; our industry is going to facilitate a change in the country's palate.

We welcome popcorn, re-imagined as a healthy vehicle of gourmet flavors: sea salt, ginger sesame, lime, and even maple bacon. Innovation has propelled popcorn to the fastest growing sector in the snack market.

(Sales jumped 300 percent in the past year.*) "Americans consume some 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year. That's roughly 51 quarts per man, woman and child."**

"Global launches of popcorn rose over 8% in the 12 months to the end of June 2014. The US was the leading individual country in terms of launch numbers, reflecting the size and maturity of its market. It accounted for over 20% of total introductions worldwide." ***

Consumers want their snacks prepared, packaged, and ready to go. So if you plan to pop it, we will make sure you package whole, fluffy puffs.

How can we deliver on that promise? We have redesigned our original spiral to convey a lighter product, with more volume and less weight. All our spirals are stainless steel, standing up to whatever your plant tosses at it: oils, salt, kernels, ...

So let's get popping!!


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