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Making a Giant Easter Egg

joe easter


Greetings from Topeka, Kansas, home of the world’s largest wren. Yes, you heard that right: A giant sculpture of a bird sits nestled in a park near our metal shop. With spring in the air, I decided to make an egg for this bird -- an Easter egg, delivered guerilla style to surprise the community. It is made from lightweight aluminum cut with a CNC plasma cutter.    Read more..

About Brian

Bryan webBrian Hoyt - Apprentice

Brian is a fresh addition to Stevenson. Brian is a social fella who enjoys the camaraderie in the shop and in life doing all sorts of group activities. He is always staying busy. When not at work, he fills his time playing softball, going to concerts, float trips or snowboarding.


About Jacob

Jacob webJacob Russell - Craftsman

After installing hardwood flooring since he could walk, Jacob decided to venture out and try something new and found his career in sheet metal work. Although Jacob is new to the team, he has worked with a lot of the Stevenson crew in the past through his apprenticeship. He enjoys getting to work with guys he considers friends.


About Darren

Darren webDarren Benton - Craftsman

Darren is another member of the crew that also has sheet metal in his veins. With the influence of his uncle, Darren entered the sheet metal trade and has loved what he does every day since. When not creating metal masterpieces, Darren loves spending time with his family.


About Tanner

tanner webTanner Etzel - Apprentice

Tanner Etzel has always favored working in a mechanical setting. Tanner enjoys working on cars and before coming to Stevenson, he worked in an auto parts store. Tanner can create an array of products both in the shop and at home: anything from wooden porch swings to stainless-steel spiral chutes.