About Jason

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Jason Huston is a dedicated Project Manager to the delight of an expanding clientele.

"Jason has always kept our product, personnel and equipment safety as his absolute primary concern in all his work. I always expect perfection from Stevenson Company and Jason consistently delivers on this expectation in his work and communication." --Manufacturing Specialist, International Confectionary Company

In his new role, Jason brings a decade of hands-on experience directly to food manufacturers. He lives in Kansas City with his wife, Becky. Together they enjoy traveling and motorcycles (one more than the other).

Stevenson president Joe Pennington said, “Jason stands out among project managers due to his experience, his reputation as a man of integrity, and his demonstrated ability to connect with customers. I am especially impressed with Jason’s vision for the success of our food manufacturing partners. Jason understands the critical issues of food safety, allocation of resources, and minimizing downtime inside plants. He is well-equipped to help customers increase consumer confidence and grow their profitability.”

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About Matt

matt webMatt Zollinger - Craftsman & Machinist

Matt has always enjoyed taking raw materials and creating outstanding projects. Matt started at Stevenson six years ago as an apprentice. He is now our go-to guy for operating the plasma cutter. When he leaves the shop walls, he tries to stay outside whenever possible. In all temperatures, Matt is hunting, fishing, camping or anything else where he can enjoy the great outdoors.

About Sawyer

sawyer action webSawyer Treinen - Craftsman 

Sawyer represents the newest and best generation of metalworkers in his family. He recently aced his trade education, a rigorous training program encompassing welding, layout, technology and installation-- all enhanced by five years of hands-on shop experience. Sawyer is happy to report "My family has more than 60 years of membership combined of three generations. I'm proud to continue our legacy, and I'm proud to be union." Sawyer wails on his guitar like a ball peen hammer. He often jams with jazz quartets and can frequently be heard shredding from orchestra pits inside community theaters. When it comes to heavy metal, be it fist pumping or stainless steel, Sawyer is a rock star! 

About Max

max webMax Hamilton - Craftsman

Max has been independent since the age of 18. He started his career in the sheet metal trade and has been in it ever since. Max is the lifetime Stevenson employee clocking in at 42 years with the company. Although he is technically retired, he still takes time from riding his bike and camping to come in and make outstanding stainless-steel creations. When asked what is unique about himself, Max says “I can spin a basketball on all ten fingers.” 

About Steve

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 Steve Clark - Superintendent

Joining Stevenson as a pre-apprentice in 1986, Steve worked through apprenticeship school, learned alongside our veteran craftsmen and has become the authority on food plant innovation. He appreciates that metal work is the last craft that takes a raw material and creates a finished product that lasts. While Steve is super in the shop, he has also gained a lot of recognition and awards for his skills on the barbecue grill. Steve’s greatest prides are his activity in church and his grandchildren.

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